Our customer service team will work with you to achieve the perfect floral sentiment. Standing sprays and tall arrangements are perfect for altar placement. Easels starts at $350.

$500, as shown

Pure Plus Pastel Standing Spray

$175, as shown

Calla & Orchid Simplicity Choose your color palette.

$125, as shown

White Garden

$200, as shown

Uniquely White

$100, as shown

Simply White

$450 as shown

Pure Whites & Creams Standing Spray

$450 as shown. Starting at $350.

Colorful Standing Spray

$300, as shown

White Elegance Glass Vase

$200, as shown

Dendrobiums & Callas. Select your color enhancement.

$250, as shown.

Contemporary Callas.

$300, as shown

Truly Tropical

Sgl $150, Dbl $225 + embellishment

Double White Orchid embellished with keepsake ornament of your choosing.

$150, as shown

White & Wonderful

$380, as shown.

Tall Whites & Pastels Glass Vase

$125, as shown

Cymbidium Blend. Soft greens and white are a popular choice.