Lilies are of special Easter significance.

Charming bunnies add to the pleasure of holiday traditions.

$225, as shown

Double Orchid with Succulents and Branches.

$150, as shown

Lush & Tall Pastel Featuring Calla and Stargazer lilies

$150, as shown

Sunflower Shine

$175, as shown

Sunburst Featuring Yellow Stargazer Lilies

$200, as shown

Dendrobiums & Callas

$175, as shown

Calla Lily & Orchid Simplicity


Dendrobium Delight

$200, as shown

White & Whimsical

$150, as shown

Lavender Mix

$175, as shown

Sunflower Centerpiece

$275, as shown

Uniquely White Featuring symbolic lilies


Crescent Spring Mix

$175, as shown

Easter Pastel Centerpiece 32" length

$150 As shown

Single Fuschia Orchid with Succulents & Branches.

$175, as show. Select your color.

Callas Plus Color

$125, as shown

Pretty in Pink

$400, as shown

Pastel Jewel

Passover arrangments feature the brightness of Sunflowers, Lilies, Tulips, & Daffodils