Embellish an orchid or arrangement with something seasonal and fun... 

... Pumpkins, berries, or even a beautiful gift like our essential oil bottle below.

Mark Roberts Decorative Pumpkin $125
Pumpkin Spice Blown Glass Bottle $105
Pumpkin bottle.jpg
$250, as shown

Autumn Hues

$175 as shown

Sunflower Burst

$150, as shown

California Natives

$175, as shown

Exotic Orange

$175, as shown

Orange Focus

$200, as shown

Asian Flair

$225, as shown

Thanksgiving Centerpiece 36"

$175, as shown

Sunny Harvest Hues


Tropical Harvest

$175, as shown

Citrus with Flair

$175, as shown

Yellow-Orange Blend

$175, as shown

Sunflower Centerpiece

$225, as shown

Soft Citrus Exotic